Baby Food Storage Jars (Glass 12 Pack)

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Premium Glass

Made of eco-friendly glass, reduce plastic consumption and prevent plastic chemicals seeping into your food. Highly tolerant glass, freezer and oven proof, no need to worry about discolouration, odour-absorption or warping.


Multipurpose Containers

Designed with your homemade baby food in mind, our containers are ready to store, reheat and serve. This also makes them perfect for other homemade sauces, dips and mini desserts.

Stackable & Easy To Use

With multiple meals a day, a great parenting hack is to prep in advance. Our baby food storage jars are stackable, allowing you to neatly store multiple different meals and snacks, ready for when you need them.

No More Leaks

Parents on the go can trust in the 100% leak proof lid, a snap shut, airtight seal gives peace of mind. Simple press and hold the lid while snapping shut.

Safe to pop in the dishwasher or Microwave 

Both the jar and lid are dishwasher and microwave safe, reheat quickly using your microwave and save time by eliminating the need for handwashing with our dishwasher-safe jar.