Become A Parent Tester

The Idea

At Amonev, we want to make everyone feel like parenting is a dream and not a chore. We recognise that to do this well, we need real feedback from real parents and carers using our products.

We’ve created AmaParent. AmaParents are real families who test our products and give us their honest and undiluted opinions about them, allowing us to make the best parenting aids possible.

How do I become an AmaParent tester?

We partner with parents to create all the products we retail. If selected, we will match families and products together. We send the product to the family to use and receive their feedback and reviews, some of which you will see on our website.

Amaparents help develop our products and provide reviews that can help other parents make decisions about which of our products to invest in.

If you would like to be a part of this community simply send an email to, telling us a little bit about your family or little ones you care for.

In your email, it would help us if you can include information on the following:

● Age(s) of your little ones
● Any developmental needs your children may have
● Any particular challenges you’re experiencing as a parent (e.g, getting the kids to sleep)