Our Story

Amonev journey started when a big-headed frog named Orlando met his princess Krystyna. They became great friends, got married – and yep she kissed the toad and turned him into the man he is today.

Unfortunately, he still has a big head.

Fast forward a few years later to two hyperactive girls, a rapidly receding hairline, school runs, juggling work and home life, helping kids with homework – which felt like it was really meant for parents – all this with not having enough hours in the day.

That finally his oversized head came in to use; it saw he could put his experience and overactive imagination to good use by creating products that help aid his children’s development… and more importantly give him and his wife some much needed respite.

With a love for enjoying the new found time that the products gave him, he used his hours wisely and created more products for more time, with his two little minions, Amora & Nevaeh testing these creations

He realised something else… His fellow Mums and Pups could probably do with some respite too. With the blessings from his queen, it was finally time to free his fellow parents to a life they once knew; when they could come home to a tidy house, eat in peace, go to bed at sociable hours, find food in the fridge and have things stay in the places they were intended to be.

And just like that, in 2016, Amonev was born… dedicated to nurturing little hearts and minds.

Knowing he couldn’t tame these have-an-answer-for-everything little kids on his own, he recruited some amazing and creative individuals, who were freedom fighters that saw the vision.

Now Amonev was ready and equipped to create a variety of fun, innovative products that children can develop, play and learn with and through our dedication allow families to create countless memories and treasured moments.

Parents -join us on our journey as we nurture little hearts and minds and most importantly give you the respite you rightfully deserve.