Kids And Baby Sign Language Cards (British Sign Language)


British Sign Language alphabet flash cards are designed for aiding with your child’s development and learning signing by creating brightly coloured and engaging flash cards which teaches the alphabet, feelings, and general communication.


Improve Memory

Our BSL Flash Cards are a great for improving memory, motivating children and being a fun interactive tool to also build their confidence. My BSL Alphabet Flash Cards are an effective aid to help with speech, language and communication development, as well as a resource to learn British Sign Language.


Incredible Learning Aid

Our BSL Alphabet flashcards help children improve their knowledge and ability to understand and improve visual memory. Children are not known for their ability to focus, so our flashcards make it easier for parents and educators to provide small pieces of information in a fun memorable and interesting way.

Never loose your cards with your

You get a hoop to keep the cards together and tidy along with a Bungee Belt Clip to carry them with you wherever you go

  • Communication, Feelings Or Alphabet BSL Cards

  • 27, plastic coated, double sided cards

  • Includes: 1 bungee and 1 ring

  • Size: 9cm x 6cm

  • 100% money back guarantee