Sensory Bubble Sensory Den Premium Pop-up Black-Out Tent

£ 69.99

  • INSTANT SAFE SENSORY SPACE: Instantly create a safe sensory space in any location with the portable pop up AmaGenius Sensory Bubble. Robust & freestanding 1m cube fits into any room.
  • CALMING ENVIRONMENT: Our complete blackout tent with black interior shuts out nearly 100% of external light once the door and window flaps are closed. Provides a safe and enclosed space for children to calm, relax and explore. Lightproof space perfect for use with projectors and illuminated toys and large enough for an adult to access.
  • PORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT: Lightweight and durable polyester allows for easy set up and ability to move around once assembled. Folds down easily to fit into its own 47cm travel bag for convenient storage and transport.
  • INSTANT SET UP: Pop-up technology allows one person to spring open the tent, instantly creating a safe sensory environment in seconds. No poles or pegs required. Ideal for home or classroom.
  • WINDOWS & DOOR. Externally accessible windows on both sides allow for observation and light adjustment. The door is wide enough for an adult to climb through.


AmaGenius Sensory Bubble

We designed our Sensory Bubble to aid parents, carers and therapists in creating a safe and functional sensory environment for the children in their care. We understand that caring for a child with developmental needs presents unique challenges and at AmaGenius we want to support care givers as much as possible.

Where a full sensory room is not available or practical, the Sensory Bubble provides the perfect environment for children to engage in sensory experiences. It is also the perfect hideaway for children who may be feeling overwhelmed by sensory stimulation.

Our design is portable and pops up. This means it can be put up in seconds, in any location that has at least 1m sq. of floor space. It can be used both as a permanent and semi-permanent sensory environment. An ideal space saving solution for a sensory environment in the home or in the classroom.

Additional information

Weight 1.64 kg
Dimensions 43 × 43 × 5 cm


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