Our Brands

Our Brands

As a team of mothers and fathers we are fully dedicated to helping parents navigate the full time, no pay, no holidays, job of keeping their newborn babies to preteen kids nurtured, fully entertained and mentally stimulated… Once they hit the teenage years however, we happily hand them back to you and hope for your survival because that is a different ball game.

So whether you are a new parent or a bonafide veteran, here is a quick summary of the different brands we have and how we can help you.


Where it all started; the Amonev brand is all about supporting parents and children in their day to day activities and chores, so Amonev create products that enables a children to do these things. Think of it like the big brother that helps you from creating structure in your daily routines like helping kids tidy their room with our reward charts and to providing fun games for the family to play with our board games. The aim for Amonev is to

  • Ensure that children see a representation of themselves regardless of their colour
  • Make daily activities that children are involved in both fun and rewarding
  • Create fun everyday products that enhance their childhood experience
Amonev Baby & Childrens Products
Amonev Baby & Childrens Products


As the name suggests, Amababy covers our full range of baby products; we know at this early stage of the journey, us parents are still in awww mode, googling at the cute little humans we brought into the world. To ensure you keep saying awwww and it doesn’t turn to arghhhhh I need to sleep… we continually create new products and solutions to help…

  • Parents get more rest, an underestimated aspect of parenting
  • Mothers feed their children without having to redecorate the room every mealtime
  • Make the joys of parenting even more enjoyable and the pains less painful… Our aim is to have you looking like pros
  • Make going out a pleasure and not an all our war


Kids can spend hours upon hours watching the tv or playing computer games but the moment you ask them to do some work, the world as they know it is burning to ash… and oh do they let you know it. Amagenius is built on one idea – ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ – we believe that if learning was as fun as gaming or tiktok then every child would be walking in their genius effortlessly. For us this mission is about helping your children…

  • Engage and concentrate so they can capture important information
  • Expand their memory capacity to retain it, an important element of learning today
  • Fuel their creativity and open their minds to endless possibilities
  • Develop on their individuality and provide solutions for the needs that are specific to them
Amonev Baby & Childrens Products