Win an AR Explorer Globe and IPAD

For your kids with our new Instagram Filter

TikTok Instagram Filter Competition

How To Win

Locate Filter

1. Locate Filter

Find the Amonev Inner Animal filter on our @amonevkids page.

2. Record with filter

Record a video of yourself using the Amonev Inner Animal filter – here’s how.

Filter Attempt

3. Tag Or Send Video

Finally send the video to us or tag us in your attempt and we’ll send your goodies.

Competition Small Print

1. Any attempt to win must be a video that hasn’t been edited and it is up to the descretion of the Amonev team to determine that the video is genuine. 

2. Any video to win the Globe and/or IPAD must be in sequential order, meaning the same animal must appear back to back. 

3. The Amonev team reserve the right to limit the amount of Free Globes it sends out based on how many people enter the competition and win and have complete freedom when they can stop giving away IPADs or Globe at any point in the future.

4. The Amonev team reserve the right to stop teh competition at any time as deemed neccassary. 

5. This competition is on a first come first serve basis. 

6. The initial closing date for this competition is June 30th 2022 however The Amonev Team reserve the right to reduce or extend this date as they deem neccassary.